Protect Your Legal Rights

Unfortunately, many people suffer serious cervical injuries due to the negligence of others.  Motor vehicle collisions and the significant forces they produce upon the heads and necks of vehicle occupants can produce not only strains and sprains to the muscles and ligaments of the neck, but also much more serious injuries including bulging or herniated cervical discs, and even fractures of the cervical vertebrae.  Diving injuries and vehicle rollover incidents in which a vehicle’s roof collapses can be sources of major trauma.

With neck injuries, it is also common to see situations in which pre-existing conditions such as cervical arthritis may be “triggered” or “exacerbated.”  For example, a person may have developed some degree of arthritis in the cervical joints or degenerative disc disease in the spinal disc as the result of normal aging processes, then have these conditions — which may be either partially or entirely without symptoms — suddenly flare into major problems following the additional trauma from a motor vehicle collision or other incident.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as the result of a motor vehicle collision, workplace injury, sports injury, or other incident, it is crucial that you take the steps necessary to protect and preserve your legal rights.  This is best done by seeking the advice of an experience attorney licensed to practice in your area who specializes in personal injury law.  Preferably, that attorney will also have an entire team of experienced experts available to assist — orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, pain management specialists, accident reconstruction experts, engineers, rehabilitation specialists, and so forth.

Our law firm has been representing injured clients for 30 years, and has successfully resolved numerous cases at all stages from initial insurance claims up through and including trial.  We only take cases on a contingent fee basis, and initial consultations are entirely free of charge.  If you or a loved one has been injured, we would be happy to talk with you today!